Our Company

Iams Consulting engineers environments.  Through a team of collaborative, innovative and creative design professionals, we create holistic and sustainable solutions for the built environment.  As stewards of sustainable design, we are committed to your building’s future.   



To be a leader in the design of sustainable environments that reduce the impact to the planet.  We strive to drive the market towards more energy efficient solutions with a lower carbon foot print.


To lead sustainable engineering practices that enhance the quality of life of our clients and increase the lifetime of our buildings. We believe in accessible, innovative solutions to ordinary challenges. Our success is measured by our ability to design buildings that endure and thrive in a critically changing climate.

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We work in design pods.  With an interdisciplinary project approach, our team works collaboratively with our clients, constituents and each others to implement the highest performing design standards.


For over 15 years, we have pioneered the industry by designing many sustainable design “firsts.”  Our firm continues to be an advocate for driving the building market towards greener solutions and approaches.


Our firm is known for thinking differently.  From our approach to the finished product, our team is resourceful.  We create cohesive, thoughtful, and high performing designs; we are not afraid to develop unconventional solutions to meet our client’s needs.